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TweetDeck, the popular desktop Twitter client, is now available as a browser extension.

TweekDeck Online keeps all of the details that have made this Twitter client one of the most popular out there.

One of the best things about it is the column view that will display all of your account's timelines: friends, mentions, and private messages.

This feature, combined with support for multiple accounts, allows any user to manage more than one Twitter profile and easily control all of their activity on this social network.

You can take advantage of columns that combine various accounts, or manage everything separately, with the ability to choose the arrangement and number of columns displayed on the interface.

When it comes to writing messages, multiple account support means that you can write on all of them at the same time, or select the account that you prefer to speak through.

Another feature that TweetDeck Web has that is not found in the original Twitter is the ability to program messages to be posted on a specific day and time.

Add to that all of Twitter's normal features, like Trending Topics, image sharing, URL shortening, and multimedia content preview, and you know that TweetDeck is prepared to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding Twitter users.
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