Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, MySpace,... all together


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Day by day social networks are increasing the number of users and we see how we keep in touch and updated by different ways and in different social networks.

Sometimes we feel we are wasting time entering different websites to know everything. that's why TweetDeck is so special and useful.

TweetDeck puts together all those important social networks you are in: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and more. It's very interesting because you only need to run Tweetdeck and you access all information from all your social networks. That means you can read everything in just a glance.

Not only will you be able to read news but you'll also be able to interact, send tweets, comment facebook status, view videos, etc. With no doubt, TweetDeck is one of thos e applications you should try, for sure you are pleased with it.
Original uses for Twitter you probably haven’t thought of

It might seem like Twitter is only good these days for complaining about problems and making cheap cracks about social dramas, but in fact there’s nothing further from the truth. This social network can do many things you probably haven’t even thought of beyond its most common uses. Here are some examples.
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